The first INSTAGRAM STORIES EXHIBITION against female nipple censorship on Instagram


Designers, photographers, illustrators and other creative women from all over the world will collaborate in the creation of images of censored nipples. The action seeks to raise awareness about the need to end the reification and discrimination of women in a social network that has the power to influence about 800 Million people.


Barcelona, Spain, June 25, 2018 - @nipplemagazine, the profile of censored female nipples  on Instagram, is preparing the first Instagram Stories Exhibition on history to #STOPnipplecensorship and against unjustified and excessive censorship in this social network.

On Instagram, while an extremely violent image is not censored, the female nipple is sexualized and banned. Hashtags like #nipple, #boobs, #boobies, #tits ... are likewise censored on the network. And, although it's hard to believe, even words like #woman and #women. Ethics and morals are reversed at the mercy of the patriarchal system.

For that reason, on June 28th we will host the first protest exhibition in instant mode with the participation of photographers, illustrators and other creative professionals from all over the world. 

Trophy Wife Barbie, Synchrodogs, Isabelita Virtual, Melanie Bonajo, Erika Lust, Elise Mesner, Venus Libido… have already joined us to shout loud and clear, “MY NIPPLES ARE NOT ...” 

Although the force has made the female nipples becoming flowers, emojis, flashes of light, crosses, squiggles... our action claims the same rights as men and struggles for upcoming generations to see  female nipples and women´s body in the same way as the masculine one.

In addition to the participation of international women artists, women from all over the world are invited to upload their pictures and/or videos of censored nipples in the style of the Nipple Magazine wall photos on June 28th, tagging @nipplemagazine and adding the hashtag #STOPnipplecensorship. It is about giving visibility to the action and joining forces as has already happened with other movements such as #TimesUp or #MeToo.

We aim to raise awareness about gender equality, denounce the discrimination suffered by women and end the censorship of the female nipple on Instagram. We want to end the outmoded thinking that perpetuates the belief of female bodies as inherently sexual objects. And, above all, we strive to ensure that community norms are truly community-based.


Your Body Your Choice.

Together we can #STOPnipplecensorship

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